I will tell you a secret. You will be surprised how much I can see you
— Rodney Pedroza

                                                     The photographer // Rodney Pedroza

                                                     The photographer // Rodney Pedroza

Hi, my name is Rodney Pedroza, and I am an international  portrait photographer.

I specialise in photographing contemporary Fashion style portraits like Vanity Fair.  I shoot portraits for women, everyday women, and make them look like they have just stepped out of a fashion magazine. They are mums, daughters, sisters & business women,  - who decided to get in front of the camera, to get some beautiful portraits and capture some amazing memories. 

I will tell you this.  Do you know what it feels like to see yourself exist in a beautiful portrait picture, to fall in love with your smile. I pick up my camera everyday, because you deserve to come alive in a portrait picture.

My team and I thrive on giving everyday woman a celebrity style experience.  The satisfaction I get by creating this on a weekly basis reminds me that I have created the best job in the world.

I am Rodney, this is what I do, call me