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What did I hear you say? "I am not photogenic, I don't look good in pictures now,I have never looked good in pictures. Just the kids, I don't like to be in front of a camera..."

Yes, I heard you, I have heard these excuses far too many times.

If this excuse is your belief, then you are visiting the right place, because this experience is all about you. 

So this is a personal invitation to have this experience of looking and feeling more beautiful, to reconnect with your own gorgeous self and feel like a goddess. 

This session is designed around you, I would personally tailor your photo shoot to capture images that you have always dreamed of owning.  

The session fee includes an styling consultation, including a beauty guide, a photo shoot that takes about 3 - 4 hours, professional hair and make-up, with styling for up to 2 people (with the choice of bringing the rest of your family members for a portrait towards the end of the session), and a viewing of your beautiful portraits; which will be presented to you.  

My job is to create photos of you that you'll absolutely love and wouldn't want to be without. 

It has been said that a single photo can say a thousand words, what will your portfolio say about you? Begin creating your story now, it starts with a smile, and a click. 

This is what I do:

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My team and I will give you a celebrity style experience. This is designed to be fun.

For those who may have any anxieties about not being photogenic, you will learn to let go of that feeling as I will be directing every single of your micro-expressions during this experience. 

Creating stunning memories of you is my job!  These photo sessions are about 3 hours long at my studio in North London. 


Session fee £200
Includes a complimentary hair + makeup, and photoshoot for up to 2 people



Wall Portraits start at £225
Folio Box starts at £1,200

Diario - diary


Once your booking is confirmed, a consultation date is scheduled in order for us to meet up (Skype) and design your dream shoot.  We discuss everything from styling, to set design, from nail polish, to special requests!

Photo shoot - behind scenes


The day of your shoot is a day you will never forget.  Along with my talented and capable team, we will help you feel relaxed, confident and fully taken care of. Sit back, relax and enjoy every minute of this amazing experience!

Folio Box - Reveal Wall


The best day of all!  Bring your friends and family for your own private showing of all 25-30 carefully chosen portraits from your shoot.  All portraits are signature retouched, professionally printed and matted for you to touch!

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