Your courage will inspire others - The Real Catwalk in London

#TheRealCatwalk finally took place in its first debut in London

It was incredible seeing so many people feeling so scared and insecure before walking on the stage; however the moment they walked through it; their souls were set on the fire!! You could see exactly who they have always been!!

My team & I were completely privilege to capture every single soul on this day; who had the courage to believe in themselves and more important, fall in love with their person in their mirror!! 

For many of them, they will never be the same, their fears, their doubts have gradually dissolved, they learned how much strength they poses in their souls!!!

The Real Catwalk in London 2018

THE REAL CATWALK comes now to London in an attempt to raise awareness for the growing demand for representation for all on July 14 

Following on from the explosive success of the first ‘guerrilla- style’ Real Catwalk held in New York in December last year, KhrystyAna is now bringing the event to the UK in an attempt to bring body positivity and representation for all worldwide.

The show will be held ‘flash mob’ style in the middle of TRAFALGAR SQUARE - one of the busiest parts of central London.

Unlike traditional catwalks, The Real Catwalk is open to absolutely everyone. 

People from ALL walks of life are welcome to walk this show! there is no age, size, shape, height, gender, skin colour, sexuality, abilities, disabilities, mental and physical health restrictions, and people are even coming from other countries to represent! 

People are seeking real change and they are willing to strip themselves to bikini / burkini / coverups in a very crowded public space in order to be heard. Because sometimes in order to be heard it takes revealing yourself in the most vulnerable state. 

The show will take place at midday in Trafalgar Square, in central London. Come, be the model or volunteer, watch the show, take pictures or videos and share the love! - team #TheRealCatwalk - Art by one and only @bodytobodyproject  #bodypositive